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ah, it seems we're lacking an actual thread to put intros, so in order to do

one myself, i attempted to make one.

Name: Johanna
Coming to you from: New York
First Breath: July/4/198x (T_T i'm so old...[tear])
intentions and whatnot: i dunno. was randomly surfing the webs and came

about here. looks cool. we'll see how things rock around. i intend to go to

japan within the next year, so i'll see what i can rack up before then. ^_^

um, i'm a student right now, so i'll be going there and back periodicly when

time permits. don't really have any japanese friends. the only one i know in

real life...well, he coudln't say a japanese word to save my life. nevermind

his. lol
why do you want to go to japan: Washing away all the anime fandom and j-

pop invasion, i fell in love with this country back when i was in grade 1, oh

so many years ago. then i discovered anime. lol. and had another reason to

go. (honestly, i think Anime was jus made in the first place as a tourist

incentive to go to japan. lol, wouldn't doubt it for a second. smart japanese.

-_-; ) and my martial arts instincts are urging me to get my butt over there

asap for some reason. lol. honestly, when it comes down to it, i jus feel the

need to go there. when i find the real reason behind it, i'll let you in on it.
ANYways...have any questions or stuff, feel free to ask. and now...for YOUR



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